The Bread Discipline

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Bread, like many other cooked or baked goods usually follows a process or a recipe that we sometimes take for granted, it’s very easy to veer off the “instructions manual” and have some fun with the process. Now, don’t get us wrong, we actually love doing it, adds fun to the kitchen and we try to do it as often as possible, also it’s quite necessary if we want to achieve any new products or innovations.

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Despite our passion for creativity, we do have to be disciplined once in a while (I know, discipline sounds very boring, but trust us, is not as rigid as you think), in our case we have to remember that we are not just making two or three loaves of bread, therefore we have to become a bit serious and follow our recipes :)

Anyways, when we talk about discipline we think of our capacity to persevere doing a particular task for a prolonged period, we associate it with our patience and our ability to finish what we started, so making bread means having passion and patience, lots of things will affect bread, so we have to be much disciplined in making sure that we keep as many things that are under our control constant, it’s a bit like being in a lab performing chemistry experiments – High school flashback?

Absolutely, but without the milk cartons; like we mentioned, baking allows you to skip steps and add your own spice, you will end up with a baked good, maybe not as good as you thought, but baked indeed. So you can choose, get that A or a D on your baking exam.

If you are just starting to bake, especially bread, our advice is that you make sure you follow those boring instructions every time, this is no different than learning a language or an instrument, you have to respect the fundamentals and the more you practice these fundamentals, the easier and faster things will become, just keep using that recipe, weigh all ingredients, let the dough rest when necessary and respect its times. After some time, as you build your talent, you will notice that your bread has nothing to envy professional bakers, this is such a boost on self-esteem that you feel you can do almost anything, and it doesn’t stop there, the more disciplined you become following recipes the more you will notice that this applies to other aspects in life (like shores), so bread baking is not just about eating great made from scratch bread, is about changing little by little the way you do things for the better, it helps to recover some of the discipline that we once had and now forgot.

We hope that you see this bright side of baking as much as we do, if you feel like you want to try it, we encourage it, look for recipes online, follow them to the letter, keep that perseverance up, show what you are made of; if you feel you need a little help starting, look for friends or contact us, we are happy to help, you can join our classes and learn while having fun. There are many ways, you just have to take that first step.

Vituperio is a proud member of the Bread Bakers Guild of America

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